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Banderoling Machines

Taping Machine COM JD-240

Desktop type for paper tape or film tape

Highly efficient, secure banding of a wide variety of works.


  • banding can be several times more efficient than that of hand taping.
  • Patented mechanism for smooth tape feeding and taping.
  • Heat adhesion system ensure very tight banding.
  • Items to be taped are free from any stain as no subsidiary materials(adhesives, hot melt etc.)are used.
  • Single winding design features tape cost saving.
  • Desk-top design features space saving and light weight for easy setting at any place.


Product size Max. (width 240mm × height 170mm)
Min.(width 30mm × height 5mm)
Speed 25 cycles/minute (approx.)

Machine Specifications

Model-Tape width(mm) JD-240-20/25/30
Width 425 mm
Height 400 mm
Depth 287 mm
Table height 230 mm
Power supply 115V/220V/230V/240V 50/60Hz
Allowable tape Paper tapes
Taping Machine COM JD

Taping Machine COM JD
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